Felix Gorbatsewich - The Ether and Universe

16. Principles acting in the universe

Based on the above tenets about space, ether medium, time and known recognized physical postulates that have been experimentally checked many times, one can formulate the following basic principles acting in the universe:

  1. Space is all-inclusive. It is non-deformable, Euclidean and three-dimensional. Space is linear and continuous.
  2. The visible space is filled with the ether medium composed of particles of two types opposite in sign. Those particles form a spatial-netlike structure. The spatial-netlike structure of the ether medium becomes deformed under the action of electromagnetic fields (waves) and physical bodies. The ether medium has a specific mass and elastic properties. It is discrete (in micro scales) and exhibits itself as a continuous medium in macro scales.
  3. Matter (substance) as well as energy do not appear and does not disappear (the law of indestructibility of matter, after Lavoisier and Lomonosov).
  4. The energy of any process, as well as the amount of the matter participating in the process, cannot be infinitely great. Accordingly, the transmission velocity of the energy including that of any signals cannot be infinitely great.

Time is local, irreversible, one-dimensional and one-directional - from past to future. The time locality lies in the fact that it determines the variation of a specific object. The movement, change in location, properties and quality of an object can be an abstract measure of time, but in fact time determines the processes only of a specific local object.

  1. Time as a mechanism whose movement might control processes all over the universe does not exist since ensuring such a movement would require infinitely great energy.
  2. Due to one-directionality of time the impulsive cause and effect are separated by a space of time. This space of time may be very short but it is never equal to zero. Any process exchanging the power with the unlimited environment is irreversible in time.
  3. A physical body acts on another physical body without a direct contact between these bodies through physical matter that possesses certain physical properties. This matter transmits the action from one of its points to another, from one body to another. All known physical fields (mechanical, electric, magnetic, gravitational etc.) have a material physical carrier.

To date it is known from astronomers' investigations that a number of processes in the universe and the volume (mass) of the matter participating in the processes are uncountable. From the principle of indestructibility of matter and energy it follows that the universe always existed and will exist for ever.

The above principles have obtained reliable experimental corroborations during observations on macro objects, such as physical media (solid bodies, fluids, gases etc.). Astronomers' observations during the whole lifetime of astronomy allowed obtaining new and new facts that corroborate the reality of some mentioned statements. Let us note that besides determined events one can observe accidental events in physical media and micro objects.


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