Felix Gorbatsewich - The Ether and Universe

17. Conclusion

Nature does not like emptiness. Virtually all recent concepts of physical vacuum are based on this postulate [26-33, 85]. The universe is filled with a specific medium - ether. The one who just once approached a strong magnet to a piece of iron cannot deny the presence of this specific medium. Only the acceptance of the fact of the ether medium existence allows retaining the material basis for the propagation of light and electromagnetic waves [8]. This medium is a transmitter of gravitational interactions of gravitating bodies. Otherwise, one should accept a possibility of a gravitating body to mystically recognize the presence of another body and then to tend to it.

The second fruitful postulate is - every existing thing consists of two principles that are opposite in sign. It was proposed in the middle of the 1st millennium BC by Chinese philosophers [5, 86]. The opposite principles - in' and yan - are not only philosophy categories expressing the idea of the world dualism, but they are also the basis of the universe arrangement. In the traditional cosmogony, the appearance of the in' and yan categories signifies the first step from chaotic unity of the primeval pneuma (tsi) to the variety of the entire "host of things" ("Tao Te Ching"). Each of these principles contains the potentiality of the other one. The examples of separation into two opposite principles can be found in all forms of the matter existence, in different degrees of its manifestation, especially when analyzing physical phenomena. We know that only two types of electric charges exist - positive and negative. To date there is an experimental proof of the presence of both matter and antimatter. Neutrino and antineutrino have been predicted and registered [87]. The outlined foundations of the ether theory demonstrate clearly the first step of the matter self-organization. The following steps lead to formation of more complicated forms of the matter up to producing biological living types of its existence.

The proposed concept of the ether medium solves a few problems that recently seemed to be unsolved [88]. It explains "transverseness" of light and electromagnetic waves. It allows understanding the difference between the mass of a physical body and electromagnetic mass of the ether medium. It explains the observed forms of the laws of light reflection and refraction. It corroborates the principle of arrangement of any medium that is able to transmit oscillatory perturbations - this medium should possess elasticity and mass. The obtained physical values of the ether medium elasticity and mass confirm this. The presented concept fully agrees with D. Maxwell's fundamental equations and, accordingly, with theories of electrostatics and electrodynamics. It explains great homogeneity of the vacuum and why at collision of high-energy particles in experiments, pairs of new particles with opposite charges arise - they are borne by the ether medium containing these charges [89].

The suggested concept removes the paradox of a magnetic field which is mistakenly called vortex in reference and training literature [57, 67, 68, and 90]. In our work it is shown that a magnetic field is various forms of shear deformation of the quasi-solid ether medium. The "vortex", gaseous, liquid theory of a magnetic field as well as of the ether medium cannot be substantiated without breaking a number of physical principles.

One of the most important consequences of the suggested theory is an explanation of the nature of the mutual attraction and inertia of physical bodies. Establishing a gradient of the ether elastic pressure by a physical body in the vicinity of another physical body that creates a gradient of the ether elastic pressure in the vicinity of the first one, results in the rise of a force making these bodies approach each other. This is the reason for gravitation. The interaction of a physical body with the ether medium is the basis for manifestation of inertia forces.

To our mind, an interpretation of Fizeau's experiment cannot be based on the assumption of the ether "thickening" in physical media. As shown above, light (electromagnetic waves) propagates in physical bodies as in media with dislocations. These dislocations are atom nuclei (their field), electrons etc. The denoted dislocations lead to a deceleration of the electromagnetic wave velocity in physical bodies.

The presence of the ether medium means inapplicability of Galileo's principle of relativity to electrically charged bodies. Accordingly, the recognition of the ether medium presence breaks the principles on which the general and special theories of relativity are based. The recent discovery of the universe's "hidden" matter by astronomers lends the cosmological support to the ether.

The universe is composed of the following categories (essentialities). The space embraces everything. It is non-deformable, Euclidean and three-dimensional. The space is filled with the ether medium. The ether medium can be deformed under the influence of the external physical bodies and electromagnetic fields and its density may be different at different points. The ether medium can experience static and dynamic, shear and torsion deformations. It is the basis for propagating electromagnetic waves and transmitting gravitational influences of physical bodies upon each other. The physical bodies (elementary particles, gases, liquids, solid bodies, plasma etc.) are located in the space and ether medium. The gravitational influence of one physical body upon another is carried out via the ether medium. Dynamic processes in the ether medium and the movement of physical bodies can be fixed in time. Time is local, irreversible, one-dimensional and one-directional - from past to future.

The suggested concept of the ether medium [69, 91] allows predicting most elementary perturbations (particles) that may arise in it. It was shown above that the ether medium is a regular spatial lattice composed of two particles that are equal in size but opposite in sign. Their mutual attraction will make these particles occupy a strict and exact position relative to each other. Thus, the spatial lattice of the ether medium will be rather homogeneous in the end. However, we can imagine initiation of dislocations or heterogeneities in the vacuum spatial structure due to some reasons. For instance, as discussed earlier, heterogeneities arise in the vacuum in the presence of atoms, ions, electrons, i.e. bodies possessing a physical mass. However, to our mind, in some cases heterogeneities may arise in the absence of a physical body. Imagine the simplest types of such heterogeneities. For instance, one can imagine the presence of an excess particle with a positive sign located in the middle of a homogeneous lattice. That will be the example of the simplest heterogeneity that may be called the heterogeneity "with the positive excess". One can also imagine an excess negative particle in the middle of the lattice. This heterogeneity may be called the heterogeneity "with the negative excess". Two other types of heterogeneity can exist. One of them is represented by the absence of the positive charge in the middle of the lattice. Let us call this type the heterogeneity "with the positive deficit". The opposite type will be called "with the negative deficit". Thus, there can be four types of the simplest heterogeneities. Interestingly, combining heterogeneities "with the positive excess" and "with the positive deficit" will result in their mutual annihilation, elimination. A similar situation holds when combining heterogeneities "with negative excess" and "with negative deficit". Such heterogeneities (mini-particles) will not possess the mass that is typical of a physical body. But these "excess" and "deficient" mini-particles must have some charge (lack of charge) and electromagnetic mass (lack of this mass). They must be the smallest and most elementary of all possible. The heterogeneities "with positive deficit" and "negative deficit" are kinds of holes in the ether medium. Note that D. Willer [92] presents a diagram in which antineutrinos play the role of holes.

The ether medium or vacuum is really a shoreless ocean, as Paul Dirak wrote. This ocean is filled with electromagnetic matter. Now it is difficult to say how this energy can be released and used. But enormous quantities of energy can be undoubtedly transferred without any loss through the ether medium, free cosmos by means of electromagnetic waves of great intensity.


Знаете ли Вы, что такое "усталость света"?
Усталость света, анг. tired light - это явление потери энергии квантом электромагнитного излучения при прохождении космических расстояний, то же самое, что эффект красного смещения спектра далеких галактик, обнаруженный Эдвином Хабблом в 1926 г.
На самом деле кванты света, проходя миллиарды световых лет, отдают свою энергию эфиру, "пустому пространству", так как он является реальной физической средой - носителем электромагнитных колебаний с ненулевой вязкостью или трением, и, следовательно, колебания в этой среде должны затухать с расходом энергии на трение. Трение это чрезвычайно мало, а потому эффект "старения света" или "красное смещение Хаббла" обнаруживается лишь на межгалактических расстояниях.
Таким образом, свет далеких звезд не суммируется со светом ближних. Далекие звезды становятся красными, а совсем далекие уходят в радиодиапазон и перестают быть видимыми вообще. Это реально наблюдаемое явление астрономии глубокого космоса. Подробнее читайте в FAQ по эфирной физике.


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