Get Started with the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver

The ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver are SAP's state-of-the-art IDE for ABAP development on the open Eclipse platform. They are designed to significantly increase developers productivity by providing the ABAP developer the unique opportunity to perform development tasks in the comfortable ABAP environment while at the same time benefiting from the proven usability, speed and flexibility of the well-known Eclipse platform. The ABAP Development Tools combines SAP's powerful ABAP application server capabilities like convenient lifecycle management, server-based development paradigm, full integration, effective testing and troubleshooting tools with the powerful Eclipse UI and also provides a modern Eclipse UI client on top of the ABAP platform. The ABAP Development Tools integrates easily with other development tools (SAP HANA Studio, SAP UI5 SDK) on the open Eclipse platform.

Functional Scope: Product, Platform, API

 The ABAP Development Tools focus on the following three domains:

Architectural Overview

The general idea of ABAP in Eclipse is to provide one Eclipse client that is installed on the developer PC and can connect to several backend systems from different releases. The connection is set up using a RFC/REST based protocol. The client provides a set of standard development tools such as the project explorer for system browsing and search views. In addition editors are available for each development object - classes, reports, function modules and so on. The development paradigm is still server based. This means that the development objects are stored solely on the backend (no local copies through check-in/check-out), and services such as syntax-check, search, where-used etc. run on the backend. One benefit of using Eclipse as the platform for the new ABAP development environment is its openness towards new tools and features via the Eclipse plug-in Framework. The new ABAP development infrastructure provides these plug-in capabilities also on the ABAP backend. That means, by making use of Eclipse plug-in capabilities on the frontend and ABAP development infrastructure plug-in capabilities on the backend, it is possible to contribute to the ABAP development environment with new development tools. Those tools will provide the well-known ABAP capabilities (transport, activation, version management, "Where-Used" list etc.) combined with Eclipse-based state-of-the-art UI and integration capabilities in a new highly integrated development environment.

Key Features

Benefits for You

The ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver tie in perfectly with SAP HANA Studio and SAPs in-memory technology by allowing highly productive application development on top of SAP HANA. The ABAP Development Tools significantly increases ABAP developer productivity through rich Eclipse user experience and flexibility, new capabilities for sophisticated source code implementation, task-oriented and test-driven business development. The ABAP Development Tools enables cross-platform application development by integrating ABAP and non-ABAP development tools into one Eclipse-based IDE.Built-in extensibility of the IDE through the established Eclipse plug-in technology enables you to benefit from the huge Eclipse ecosystem, develop on open platform and integrate new custom ABAP and non-ABAP tools.

Download and Installation

Learning Materials


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